Monday, 14 May 2018

The Wobbly Bridge

Our intrepid explorers covered many miles around the zoo. We investigated animal habitats, discovered incredible plant species and then after a journey crossing through wetlands, desert and rainforests, we encountered the 'wobbly bridge'!

The black marsh turtle

The black marsh turtle is a freshwater turtle from South East Asia. Its powerful jaws have a jaunty upward curve to them, earning it the appealing common name of 'smiling terrapin'.

Max loved it so much he wanted to take it home!

Our trip to Paignton Zoo

On Thursday 10th May, Year 3 and 4 children visited Paignton Zoo for the whole day as part of our topic on the Animal kingdom. We are learning all about different habitats and how different animals are adapted to living in different environments. We managed to see lots of different animals throughout the day and looked at and discussed different habitats including tropical rainforests, deserts and savannahs. We had a talk in the education centre where we learnt lots of interesting facts. It was a fantastic day, we learnt a lot, the sun was out, the children behaved beautifully.

utifully and we all arrived safe and sound back to school!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Mr Ward's South African Adventure!

Mr Ward's South African Adventure!

Below are some short videos of my visit to Skukuza Primary School. A Skype session was planned between the two schools in assembly but unfortunately the Skype network was down. As a result we had to video the presentation made by the children of Skukuza.

I have also attached a short clip of an African bull elephant eating their much loved Amarula. Amarula is a fruit native to South Africa which grows abundantly on trees, as you can see the elephant gives a gentle nudge to release the fruit scattering them to the floor. It was amazing how dexterous the elephant’s trunk was in gathering the Amarula and literally hoovering up large volumes in one go.